Thank you for asking me to take your pictures! I truly feel honored. 

I do my best to help you feel at ease during your session.  I want everyone to be comfortable, and want the whole family to have as much fun as possible. You will receive a client questionnaire, which asks for a bit more information about you and the members of your family. It may be helpful for you to put together a Pinterest board, but please know that I may not be able to shoot all suggested poses. However, I'm always open to new ideas!

Once we have finalized the date, I will send you a contract outlining the details, and ask you to sign a model release allowing me to showcase your beautiful images online.

Prior to your session:

We will chat about the best location to suit your needs, and you will finalize your wardrobe choices. If you need any guidance, please click here. I love color! A few guidelines for you:

  • Try to ensure that all members of your family wear clothing that is similarly bright. If 3 are in a subdued shade, and 1 is in neon, they will stand out considerably. 
  • Patterns are great! A subtle stripe on 1, flowers on another, solid on works! 
  • You do not need to match perfectly. Several different colors will add a lot of pop to your images.
  • I do advise against all white or all black. It's difficult to get all shades exactly the same, and the differences will show in your photos. 

I like lots of sunshine for my sessions. I the weather doesn't cooperate (rain, complete cloudiness, unusually dark skies), we will reschedule with as much notice as possible. 

At your session:

We will shoot for 45-60 minutes. I generally do not need more than this. I will shoot several different shots/poses in a location and then we'll walk to the next. I will do my best to accommodate a few special requests for poses, as long as they work with my shooting style. 

While I try my best to engage small children, I can not guarantee results. There will be times when I can not get the 'Mom' shot (everyone is looking together at the camera) but, rather I will try to capture the family running, playing, and moving, where all members of your family might feel more comfortable and less stiff. 

After your session:

I will deliver your gallery, via digital download, within 2 weeks of your session. If you chose either of the Signature Collections, you will receive your USB drive and album approximately 1 week later. If you have a print credit, the order must be placed within 1 week receiving your digital gallery.