Donut Showdown

A has serious allergies...and the poor girl has never had a donut. I know, right? Aside from the milk and eggs, there are just so many things that could cross-contaminate, so we've never been able to find one that was safe. Until now...

Her teacher reached out and said they have an activity in class using donuts and wondered if I could send one for her. Challenge accepted! The first ever family Donut Showdown was born!

Our task was simple; J and I had to come up with the winning donut that A wanted to bring to class. We scoured the internet, cookbooks, etc. I bought a donut baking pan, J bought a fry thermometer. I also suggested a fire extinguisher, but luckily we didn't need that. 

M joined my team, Team No-Nuts. Get it? J was Team S'MoNuts. Copy much? 

And so it began...J finished his on Saturday, and brought the results to a friend's house. They were a big hit, and I thought it might not be the runaway that I was expecting. However, they didn't LOOK like donuts. That's half the battle, right? 

Sunday came, and Team No-Nuts got started. The final product was a Thin Mint Donut - chocolate cake donut, with mint chocolate frosting and crumbled oreo cookies on top. totally awesome. The competition? A S'more donut - plain cake donut, coated with chocolate syrup and crushed graham crackers. Delicious, yes, but, as our neighbor put it, looked like a wonton. 

She sat down to taste...both were delicious...she called it a tie. I claim victory. She was clearly trying not to hurt dad's feelings :)